Ferguson–Another Post

#blacklivesmatter, #Ferguson

TRIGGER WARNING: police brutality, racism

Rule of law was only ever meant for certain people. When will white people wake up? Racism IS OUR PROBLEM. Just look at the stats–MANY MORE WHITE PEOPLE think that our justice system is fair for people of color since Mike Brown’s shooting. Fellow white people, I am calling on you, calling on myself, calling on all of us to disrupt, disengage, destroy white supremacy. I am calling on you to call out racism EVERYWHERE you see it. Call it out so it won’t turn into more, further, deeper violence, real violence, real deaths against people of color.

You may have your own experiences with oppression–though there is nothing quite like the system of white supremacy in this country, and you can’t know its ill effects unless its boot is at your neck. I know that I can’t–but I am raising my voice anyway, because this has to stop. Listen to the wide range of experiences of people of color and serve as an echo chamber for their voices, listen to what they say needs to be done.

You may know what it’s like to face the world’s violence with no allies at your side. Don’t be that person for someone else, that person who sees wrongdoing but does not use their voice and does not act in the face of systemic pulverization of others. You may feel voiceless. But I tell you that you are not. If you’re white, no matter what other challenges you face, your whiteness will make your voice louder. That’s the BS reality we live in. You can and will be heard, you must be heard, together we will be heard.

Read this article, too. It’s powerful stuff.


And donate to folks that are helping in Ferguson, if you can.


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