cissexism, dehumanization, dysphoria, misgendering, transgender

TRIGGER WARNING: chest dysphoria, misgendering, cissexism


So this is a post about gendered assumptions. We all know how much it sucks when people assume things about what gender(s) we are! Seriously, folks, let’s pull that shit together. Boom. So much of cissexism solved.

Like, just because I have these large, floppy protrusions that hang below my neck doesn’t mean that you should assume I have something that is commonly called “breast tissue.” We’ll recognize the fact that that’s super creepy, and move on to other concerning questions. How do YOU know that’s what I’ve got there? Have you, for instance, considered that I might have my rubber duckie collection conveniently stored under my shirt in case I get a chance to go swimming? Have you thought that I might be growing a small shamrock garden that I like to carry around with me? Did you know that my kitten Valentine is super ill and the only thing that will keep them warm is my body heat? Or perhaps that I like to have baby bunnies with me at all times?

You can never know what people have under their clothes. Can you imagine how mortified you’d be if you assumed I was female just because I needed to have a large supply of Pez dispensers near me wherever I went, and that just happened to be where I stored them? I have often referred to my chest as a excellent storage area, and now you know why. Those “shelf” analogies were just to fool you, personally, into thinking what others think when they hear those words in assocation with chests!

So–don’t ever make assumptions about these protrusions chilling around my person. Or, I suppose, anybody else’s! You never know where that could lead!

I’m pretty sure you don’t want any rubber duckies angrily squeaking at you.